Cindy Zeldin For Georgia Insurance Commissioner


Meet Cindy

Cindy Zeldin has long been a champion for Georgia families, committing her professional life to fighting for consumers and the changes we need to make Georgia a better place to live, work, and thrive.

For nearly a decade, Cindy served as the Executive Director of Georgians for a Healthy Future where she served as a clear voice for health care consumers across the state and led efforts to secure bipartisan, consumer-friendly protections. Cindy’s leadership on consumer issues comes from her deeply held belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life and an understanding that affordable insurance is key to turning that opportunity into a reality. She believes every family should have the financial security that comes from insurance that works for people when they most need it.

Cindy understands the very real challenges that consumers are facing and has consistently worked across the aisle to secure the changes that Georgia families need. Because of her pragmatic approach and breadth of experience, Cindy is often tapped by Republicans and Democrats alike to represent the interests of Georgia consumers. In this role, she has been appointed to serve on state-level committees, such as the Georgia Senate Consumer and Provider Protection Act Study Committee and the Governor's Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee, and to represent Georgia consumers nationally at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. In recognition of her tireless work on behalf of Georgia families, Cindy was recently honored with the Health Advocate of the Year award by Families USA.

Cindy grew up in New Jersey in a family that valued education, hard work, and public service, and she has never lost sight of these values. Whether working as a waitress in college to help pay the bills, balancing her budget as a nonprofit executive, and now raising a young daughter, Cindy knows what it’s like to worry about providing for yourself, your employees, and your family. She understands how hard fellow Georgians work day-in and day-out and exactly what affordable insurance means to millions of hard-working Georgia families.

Cindy earned a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Public Health degree from Emory University and a Master of Arts degree from The George Washington University. Prior to Georgians for a Healthy Future, she held positions in the nonprofit sector and in state government at the Georgia Department of Audits, where she helped provide objective analysis to ensure state health care programs were operating effectively and efficiently.

Cindy first came to Atlanta in 1994 to attend Emory University and has been in love with Georgia ever since. She lives in Atlanta with her husband Doug and their daughter Naomi.