Insurance Commissioner 101

Never heard of the Georgia Insurance Commissioner? You’re not alone.

The Insurance Commissioner works for you by protecting Georgia families, overseeing the insurance industry, and promoting fire safety.

But for too long, we’ve had the wrong people doing the job. Instead of looking out for you, the past Insurance Commissioners looked out for the big insurance companies and their bottom lines. It’s time for new leadership.

I’ll make a clean break with the past era of Insurance Commissioners and put an end to decades of conflicts of interest, budget crises, and unchecked premium increases. We need a change that puts Georgians, not the insurance industry, first.

Role of Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner

The Commissioner fights for Georgians, especially when you need it most. If you’re like most people, you don’t think about insurance until something bad happens—a cancer diagnosis, a car accident, a fire or flood, or the loss of a loved one. For these issues (and every other type of insurance you can think of), the Commissioner can help. During what might be the most difficult time of your life, the Commissioner can help you make sense of your insurance, file a claim, get the coverage you need, resolve any complaints, and get you back on your feet.

The Commissioner makes sure that insurance companies follow the rules and roots out fraud and abuse. Insurance is a big business, with over 1,600 insurance companies operating in Georgia. The Commissioner makes sure that these companies are licensed and financially stable—and that they cover the benefits they are supposed to cover. The Commissioner also investigates and prosecutes insurance fraud and helps fight to keep premiums down.

The Commissioner promotes competition and a stable regulatory environment. The Commissioner promotes a free market, encourages competition, and enforces state insurance laws fairly. Consumers and the insurance industry benefit from consistent and reasonable regulations that result in greater competition, better options, and lower prices. By making insurance companies compete on equal footing—and holding them accountable when they don’t—the Commissioner protects you and your wallet while treating the industry fairly.

The Commissioner keeps Georgians safe. The Insurance Commissioner serves as the state’s Safety Fire Commissioner, advocating for strong safety standards, championing firefighters and other first responders, and investigating arson. The Commissioner helps keep Georgian citizens and property safe: she appoints the state fire marshal, oversees the state arson unit, inspects public buildings to make sure they comply with the state fire code, and provides fire safety training and education to schools and other caregivers.